About Us

Fashion + Arts + Business (F.A.B.) Creatives offers workshops aimed at promoting creativity and enhancing skills and productivity in fashion and related arts and disciplines, garment production, and business applications.

F.A.B.'s goal is to provide a venue for individuals to cultivate their creative imagination, hone and broaden their skills, and learn practical applications for their technical know-how.

F.A.B. workshops are taught by accomplished industry professionals, who aim to share not only their expertise and techniques, but also their work ethics and discipline, as well as their passion and commitment to their craft---tools that have helped them advance and sustain their careers.

Workshops are taught in nontraditional classroom format, as F.A.B. believes in making learning fun and practical. Individual creativity and productivity are encouraged.

Class sizes are small, ensuring personalized instruction and close mentoring.

F.A.B. workshops are open to everyone---from hobbyists to practitioners, students to business owners. The technical classes welcome beginners as well as those seeking intermediate and advanced skills development.

F.A.B. also offers business and career workshops for personal and professional enhancement. Customized modules are also available upon request.

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