About Us

F.A.B. Creatives was established to enhance and promote the Philippine fashion industry by offering opportunities to learn everything about fashion and its related arts, and other business applications.

We have only the best mentorship

As our teachers and mentors, we have gathered our peers who are the leaders in the fashion and creative industry, and this roster includes Inno Sotto, Ivarluski Aseron, JC Buendia, Jun de Leon, Rita Nazareno, Rhett Eala, and Jackie Aquino, among many others. These professionals will share their expertise, techniques, work ethics, and discipline, as well as their passion and commitment to the work that they do, as these are the tools that have helped them advance and sustain their careers throughout the years.

Our workshops are taught in a non-traditional classroom format, where students benefit from a truly enriching experience as class size is small, allowing for personalization and direct mentoring. In the same vein, we believe in making learning fun and practical, developing individual creativity and productivity amongst all students.

We are for professionals and hobbyists alike

F.A.B. workshops are open to everybody—practitioners, hobbyists, students, business owners, or simply the curious—as long as they are interested and willing to learn. Our technical workshops welcome beginners who have junior skills; and those who seek intermediate and advanced skills development. We also offer business and career workshops for personal and professional enhancement, as well as customized modules for companies, schools, and foundations.

We aim to foster an atmosphere of creativity and diligence

Ultimately, we want to provide a venue for anyone who wants to get into the fashion industry. Our workshops can hone each individual’s inherent talent and skills, and instil them with the utmost discipline and dedication. And because of this type of training and tutelage, the students will be equipped with competencies and professionalism that are necessary to embark on an inspired fashion career.

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