Garment Construction 2

About The Course

This workshop teaches the student how to assemble a garment top following the Closed construction method.

There will be 3 projects which the student will work on. Their designs will incorporate Set-in sleeves, lapels and collars for pad stitching and a sleeveless dress.


Each student will work on their own designs following the topic for the week. Fabric choice, material consumption, operations breakdown and quality control are taken up as well.


The student will present the design to the mentor, upon approval, the student will draft the pattern either using their own slopers or the commercial patterns available based on their design.


The student can choose to work on a toile first, then make their actual garment on their free time.


The final project will involve basic tailoring techniques such as hand stitch padding and adding structure thru fusible materials.


12 Sessions with Pidge Reyes

3 hours per session

To be scheduled